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What We Do

Leading Business Connectivity.

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Private MPLS, SD-WAN and Internet Connections for business customers


Voice Lines or Cloud PBX Voice Services to replace your old phone system

Physical and Network

Monitor, alert and protect your facility and network


Full or Partial Cabinets in a highly connected, private and Secure Data Centre


Frontier Networks provides you with a single relationship for all of your end-to-end communication needs.

We deliver what we can do well, which is:

Service Features:

  • Broadband (delivered as a public or private network utilizing the Internet, VPN, SD-WAN, or MPLS).
  • Colocation Services
  • Voice Services (Phone lines or entire PBX replacements)
  • Physical and Network Security

We know that this can save your IT folks from spending time maintaining services that can be provided by Frontier as a fully managed offering.

Guiding Principles

We believe there is a better way to deliver technical solutions.

A better way, but not just one way. Simple, clear, and human solutions that are unique and tailored to individual needs.

Every day is an opportunity to prove to our clients, new and long-standing, that they made the right decision in choosing us.

We say it straight, or we don’t say it at all. 

We work together. Teamwork is the backbone of our success; it allows us to out-perform on every task.

We do what we say, and we do it well. 

Simplicity + Friendliness + Professionalism = Frontier Networks

Frontier Networks is Professionally Friendly, and we always want to do the right thing. 

This friendliness is the guiding voice that influences all communication, including our interaction with co-workers, vendors, and clients.

We want all our interactions to feel like a polite conversation with a friend using a professionally friendly tone of voice. We know it is possible to speak with confident authority in relaxed and everyday terms. And a little humor never hurt anyone.

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