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In-Store Music

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In-Store Music

Frontier Networks is innovating music for businesses, and we’re doing it without contracts or compromise at an unbeatable price.

The business of music has not changed in almost three decades. The licensing arrangements are the most complex, and with that, you rely on partners like Frontier to make it easy.

Our QSR/Retail bundle includes:

Fully Licensed Music

We cover your licensing fees with ASCAP, BMI, GMR, and SOCAN

Clean Language

No explicit lyrics and stations are free of suggestive language.

Commercial Free

Our streaming music contains absolutely no external advertising. If you want to include your own messaging, we have a plan for that.

Regular Updates

Music is added and updated by our professional curation team.

Contracts Suck


The musicians, composers, and performance rights organizations (PRO) don’t make any more money when a retailer, restaurant, or quick service location signs a long-term contract. So why do they exist?

In the COVID19 world that we’re in, flexibility in contracts is critical. Ours are month to month for the same amazing rate.

All plans include Public Performance Licenses for:

User Curated Music

Music Meets Hustle

Use our pre-determined playlist or engage our full-time musicologists and staff members to get the right initial mix of music for your location(s) and brands.

Amazing Technology

It All Starts With Our Music Player

  • Tamper resistant
  • Limit access
  • Control music, playlist and volume from the web or mobile app
  • Local storage to ensure 100% availability during a network outage
  • Auto-restart if power outage occurs
  • Plug-and-play setup
  • Supports WiFi (2.4 and 5 GHz) & hardwired ethernet
  • Includes RCA connector for Aux connection to an amp or powered speaker from the 3.5mm line out
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI, and SPDIF
Use Cases

It's like having your own in-house DJ.

  • Automotive
  • Coffee Shops
  • Convenience Stores
  • Financial Institutions
  • Fitness Centres
  • Hospitality
  • Medical Clinics
  • Nightlife
  • QSR
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • SPA
  • Technology

Music Station Library

’40s Greatest Hits

Crooners / Pop / Swing

’50s Greatest Hits

Rock ‘n’ Roll / Doo-Wop

’60s Greatest Hits

Rock / Psychedelic / Soul / R&B

’70s Greatest Hits

Rock ‘n’ Roll / Oldies

’80s Country

Country Rock & Pop / Americana / Roots Rock

’80s Greatest Hits

Rock / Pop / New Wave

’80s New Wave

Synth-Pop / Post-Punk

’80s Pop

Pop / Dance / Synth

’80s Rock

Hard Rock / Hair Metal / Alternative

’90s Country

Alt-Country / Americana / Country Rock & Pop

’90s Greatest Hits

Alternative Rock / Hip Hop / R&B

’90s Hip Hop

Golden Age Hip Hop

’90s Pop

Dance Pop / Boy Bands / Girl Groups

’90s Rock

Alternative / Grunge / Punk

2000s Greatest Hits

Pop / Rock / Hip Hop / R&B

2000s Hip Hop

Throwback Hip Hop

2000s Pop

Top 40 / Pop Hits

2000s R&B

Throwback R&B

2000s Rock

Rock Hits

2010s Electronic

Modern House / Club

2010s Electropop Funk

Nu Disco / French House / Electropop

2010s Greatest Hits

Pop / Rock / EDM / Hip Hop

2010s Hip Hop

Trap / Cloud Rap / Alternative Hip Hop

2010s Pop

Pop Hits

2010s R&B

Modern Soul / R&B

2010s Rock

Millennial Rock

Alt Today

Top Alt Songs of 2018-2020

Alternative Rock & Pop

Popular Indie & Alternative

America the Beautiful

Patriotic Greats

Beach Boardwalk

Feel Good Coastal Blend

Blend: Upbeat Essentials

Pop / R&B / Rock / Indie / Electropop

Blend: Upbeat Restaurant

Quick Service Hits

Bluegrass Modern

Bluegrass / Old Time / Folk

Blues Groove

Modern & Classic

British Invasion

British Pop & Rock Hits

Broadway’s Best

Musical Hits

Canadian Rock & Pop

100% Canadian Artists

Casual Retail

Happy Hits from Every Era

Christian Classic

Classic Worship Songs

Christian Pop

Christian Religious Pop Hits

Christian Rock

Guitar-Driven Christian Hits

Christian Rock Instrumental

Contemporary Christian Rock

Classical Essentials

Chamber & Orchestra

Classical Mornings

Calm Instrumentals

Coffee Shop

Acoustic / Pop

Coffee Shop Indie

Smooth Indie

Coffee Shop Pop

Casual Pop

Coffeehouse Neo-Soul

Chill Contemporary Soul

Cool Record Shop

Eclectic Indie

Country Christmas

Holiday Country Western

Country Crossroads

Americana / Southern Rock

Country Pop

Top 40

Country Rock

Top 40

Country Traditional

50s-90s Classic Country Hits

Cowboy House

Electronic with a Country Twang

Dance & Electronic

Modern EDM, House and Disco

Disco Funk

70’s / 80’s Funky Dance Hits

Electronica Chillwave

Modern Calm

Family Classics

Clean Timeless Hits

Family Friendly

Clean Lyrics for All Ages

Family Fun

Clean Modern Hits

Feel Good Hits

Mood Boosters From All Eras

Feliz Navidad

Latin Christmas Hits

Folk Modern

Contemporary Folk

Folk Traditional

Classic Folk Hits

French Chanson

Nouvelle Chanson

French Indie

Indie / Synthpop / Nu Disco

French Pop & Rock

00’s – Now

French Workout

Upbeat Dance Music

Fresh Hits

Current and Trending Pop

Fresh Pop & Hip Hop

Current and Trending Pop & Hip Hop

Global Afro Latin

World Music

Golden Oldies

Classic 50s-70s Hits

Halloween Classics

Instrumental Horror Themes

Halloween Pop

Pop / R&B / Electronic

Halloween Retro

Spooky Synthwave

Halloween Rock

Classic Rock / Punk

Happy & Free

Energized Tropical House

Haunted Hits

Halloween Favorites

Hawaiian Paradise

Classic & Modern Hits

Hawaiian Reggae

Jawaiian Hits

Hip Hop Instrumental


Hip Hop Modern

Popular Now

Hip Hop Old School

70s-90s Classics

Holiday Folk

Chill Festive Folk

Holiday Instrumental

Holiday Classical & Jazz

Holiday Jazz

Vocal & Instrumental

Holiday Pop

Holiday Pop Hits

Holiday R&B

R&B and Soul

Holiday Traditional

Classic Christmas Songs

Holiday Upbeat

Upbeat Classic and Modern Holiday

Indie Pop Chillout

Chill Indie / Pop / Rock

J-popsu Jポップス

J-pop & J-rock

Jamaican Jams

Reggae, Ska, Dub

Jazz Brazilian

Bossa Nova & Mellow Sambas

Jazz Classic

Jazz Standards & Legends

Jazz French

European Style

Jazz Instrumental

Chill Jazz

Jazz Latin

Latin Jazz Greats

Jazz New Orleans

Dixieland / Blues / Brass Band

Jazz Rat Pack

Classic Hits & Modern Takes

Jazz Smooth

Smooth Jazz

K-Pop Hits

Top 40 Korean Pop

Kids Classical

Calm Classical Music

Kids Lullaby

Instrumental Lullabies

Kids Sing Along

Nursery Rhymes, Sing Alongs

Kids TV & Movies

Children’s Hits

Kids Tween

Teen Pop

Kids Under 8

Birthday Party Music

Latin Hits

Last 3 Years of Top Hits

Latin Mariachi

Mariachi Pop Favorites

Latin Mexican Regional

Banda & Tejano Hits

Latin Pop & Rock

90s – 2000s Pop & Rock Hits

Latin Tropical

Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue

Latin Tropical Bachata & Merengue

Merengue & Bachata Hits

Latin Tropical Salsa

Classic and Contemporary Salsa

Lobby Acoustic

Relaxed Instrumental Guitar

Lobby Acoustic Popular

Acoustic Renditions of Popular Songs

Lobby Americana

Instrumental Folk

Lobby Chill

Electronic / Instrumental / Ambient

Lobby Modern

Instrumental Downtempo

Lobby Piano

Mellow Solo Piano

Lobby Rock

Instrumental Guitar

Metal Mania

Metal Greats

Modern Lounge

Nu Jazz / Downtempo


Traditional / Modern Polka

Pop Contemporary

Top 40

Pop Party

Energetic Pop & Dance Hits

Pop Punk

’90s to 2000s

Pop Timeless

50s-80s Favorites

Posada Navideña

Mexican Christmas Hits

R&B Classic

’70s to Early 2000s

R&B Modern

Vibey / Chill R&B


Contemporary Reggaeton Hits

Rhythms of India

Classical / Bollywood

Rock Classic


Rock EnEspañol

80s – 00s Classic Rock, Ska, New Wave

Rock Modern

Hard Rock, Pop Punk, Garage Rock, Post-Grunge

Rock Soft

Classic & Contemporary


Pure Love Songs

Romanticas y Recuerdos

Classic Ballads & Melodies

Singer / Songwriter

Modern & Classic Acoustic

Ska & Rocksteady

Traditional Ska / Rocksteady / Boss Reggae

Ska Punk

Third Wave / Two-Tone

Skate Vibes

Hip Hop / R&B / Pop Punk / Top 40

Sophisticated Standards

Rat Pack Hits / Crooners / Jazz Standards

Soul Fusion

Soul & Motown Hits


Serene Relaxation

Spa Acoustic

Ambient Piano / Guitar

Spa Nature Instrumental

Ambient / Acoustic / Nature

Spa New Age

Ambient / Minimal / Synth

Spa Reflection

Japanese / Tibetan / Chinese / Native American

St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Pub


Beach Based Hits

Today’s Hits

Top Songs of 2018-2020

Trendy Restaurant

Hip Service Industry

Upbeat Greek

Traditional Vocal and Instrumental Greek Music

Valentine’s Day

Feel Good Love Songs

Viva l’Italia

Italian Hits

Vocal Standards


Workout Disco

Upbeat Disco Hits

Workout Electronic

High Energy Electronica

Workout Modern

High Energy Hits

Workout Old School

90s-2010s High Energy

Workout Rock Classic

High Energy Classic Rock Hits

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