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Trouble Reporting and Support

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Frontier Networks Inc. provides technical support 7/24/365. When you call the Networks Operations Center (NOC), we will answer your call with one of our trained Technical Service Representatives. They will document the problem, provide you with a ticket number, and escalate the issue to the appropriate department for resolution.

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) should be contacted in the following manner:

Priority 1 Service Requests: 1-866-833-2323 or 416-847-5240 (For both numbers, press “2” for Technical Support)

Priority 2 Service Requests: [email protected]

Frontier and the customer will commit necessary resources around the clock to resolve the issue. Please send all supporting technical documentation (pings, trace routes, router configurations, etc.) to [email protected].

When placing a call, please provide the following information:

  1. Company
  2. Callback contact name and phone number
  3. Service type Broadband, Colocation, Voice, IT Support / Cloud Server
  4. Description of problem
  5. Ticket number, if escalating a problem

Priority 1 definitions are as follows:

Customer’s network connection is down
A critical impact to the customer’s business operations due to network degradation

Response Objectives: Acknowledgement and Ticket Creation is 30 minutes with a resolution objective of 4 hours.

Priority 2 Definitions are as follows:

Operational performance of the network is impaired while most business operations remain functional.

Customer requires information or assistance on Frontier network capabilities, installation, or configuration.

There is clearly minimal or no impact to the customer’s business operation.

Frontier and the customer are willing to provide resources during normal business hours to restore service to satisfactory levels or to provide information or assistance as requested. Your request to [email protected] will be assigned to a Network Technician and you will be contacted via email upon completion of your request.

Response Objectives: Same or Next Business Day

Priority 3 Definitions are as follows:

This is a multi-task request that is defined by us as a ‘project’. This means there are multiple parties that may be required to complete this task. Example would be interfacing back to you, members of your team to identify detailed scope of work. Other examples include third party vendor involvement.

A Priority 3 may be assigned to our Project Management Office (PMO) and may be tracked as a project or work order by them vs. a support ticket.

Alternatively, this required work request may be scheduled by our NOC Network Technician at a service interval that could exceed what is listed above as a Priority 1 and Priority 2.

Response Objectives: Defined by the PMO / Network Technician

Networks Operation Centre (NOC) Emergency Escalation Protocol

For any of the above, you can view your ticket on-line for updates to your trouble report.

We welcome you at any point to feel free to escalate to us for a status report independent to this on-line update. It is here that you can assert greater urgency to a reported ticket if required.

Please note, for general billing inquiries please use following: 1-866-833-2323 Ext. 3 or by email to [email protected]

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