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Frontier is a business done differently. We are a telecom provider specializing in four things (Broadband, Voice, Data Centre & Network / Physical Security). We limit what we do to ensure that we remain that “focused” specialist that our clients want us to be.

We compete with large, bloated regulated providers that, in all honesty, grew too large and have operationally outsourced all the touchpoints that matter most. Our entire customer experience is our most essential showcase item. We know that outsourcing this would devastate the customer experience, so we don’t do it.

Our brand tonality is vital to us. Speaking “technically” does not help when we need to focus on facts. Our language is not tech. It is curiosity and helpfulness. Our industry is ripe with acronyms (ATM, ADSL, SDWAN IPSEC, VPN, DDoS). It is a show of disrespect to talk this way with senior executives. We speak in terms that you understand. We like words like integrity, trust, respect, transparency & honesty. We also think that great prices matter. So we know that we must demonstrate value to you (our client) daily.

Many organizations list their top executives on their website yet are far removed from your day-to-day dealings during an outage or a critical juncture. At Frontier, you will see a difference. Our senior team is highly accessible, highly available, and is a functional part of your team. Regardless of the size of your company, we want to play a role in your success.

Similar to your business, we have grown organically. The last thing you want out of your provider is an endless pursuit of revenue-focused acquisitions to chase quarter-end and year-end analyst guidance. The best way to compete with the large, bloated providers we mentioned earlier is to pivot away from that behavior. Organic growth is the best growth.

We thought it would be useful (here) to list what we do quickly and, more importantly, why we do it.

Broadband is our underlying product. We are avid promoters of faster connections with lower latency (speed matters but congestion-free matters more). Like you, we see companies marketing their services with claims of being the fastest or the largest. Frontier thinks more in terms of overall effectiveness and value. It’s refreshing and entirely different.

We are in the Voice business. As much as we can sell business lines and phone-systems, we instead focus our Voice specialty practice on the extreme cost savings, simplification, and substantial experience improvements of Voice Over IP (VoIP). It is a new and better way. The old way is now the wrong way. Our one job is to demonstrate the math to all customers that for the cost of your phone lines and existing phone system maintenance, you can save money and increase usability by moving voice to the “cloud.”

Covid19 pushed most of our clients (and the rest of the world) back into our homes in 2020. Our Voice platform’s natural integration with Microsoft Teams made for an effortless transition. Our customers experienced seamless routing of chat, video, collaboration, and inbound calling by just taking their laptops home or logging into Teams from a remote computer.

The pandemic created heightened concerns around security, hacking & ransomware, which we are naturally good at preventing. It’s packaged up nicely as part of what we do.

Our curious side and our natural need for disruptive adventure led us to managed WiFi (hotspots) and In-Store Music. Both are reasonably simple undertakings. The disruption is not from technology; instead, we are attacking the historically oppressive pricing and contracts.  Some companies offer these services, whereas Frontier provides it as a mere feature.

Our typical customer ranges in size from individual franchise operators to the largest operators of 1000’s locations both in and out of Canada. Our sweet spot does tend to be an organization with multiple locations looking for a single bill and a single number to call to manage all of this.

Frontier Networks is your ideal choice for national network implementations and field roll out services.

We dispatch to sites daily, whether for a new install or a visit to a location to support our published North American Service Level Objectives for on-site restoral services.

We have depots located across Canada and the United States. We can easily accommodate your local, regional, or national requirement for field roll out services of your various IT related needs.

How can I help?

We believe that accessibility to management is key to our continued growth and success. Management cannot hide behind people and processes. Like you, we’re in the front line. If you have a problem, that means we do too. If you’re worried about anything (a trouble ticket, an installation date, a bill), I welcome you to contact me.

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We speak in terms that you understand. We like words like integrity, trust, respect, transparency & honesty. We also think that great prices matter. So we know that we must demonstrate value to you (our client) daily.

Luigi Calabrese

President, Frontier Networks Inc.
Frontier Networks Corp. (USA)

I have spent my entire career in high tech, starting in software development, and then moved into the Internet and broadband space.

As President, I am excited to lead what I believe to be the industry’s only boutique broadband services provider. We have excellent service, creative designs, and fanatical support.

I believe strongly that the best way to lead staff and service customers well is with transparency, honesty, integrity, and tons of creativity. I believe that clean business practices and planned organic growth is a cure-all to flush out a lousy process.

I am happy to be a member and past board member of YPO.

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