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A lot is going on right now with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). More than ever, our customers are dependent on us to provide broadband and related services. Right now, we are demonstrating our strength and commitment to being the best in the industry.

Frontier Networks is an essential service provider to our clients. Many rely on us for different things (primary, secondary, voice lines, hosted PBX, etc. Many have circuits that range in size and price from small fail-over (sub $100/month) circuits to large (over $5,000/month), diverse Data Centre connections.

Frontier Networks is a tech company that was “born in the cloud,” which means we could operate virtually anywhere and have built Frontier to perform this way.

Teleworker Voice and VPN are very popular right now. We have a highly available hosted Teleworker Voice and VPN service that allowed many clients and new ones to get immobilized into the home quickly.

Inside Frontier Networks, COVID-19 usage for us suggests that data usage is up about 30%. Teleworking is up 2x (not 20%, 2-times), and Voice is up 3x (3-times). Frontier is handling the local origination (calls coming in) without blocking at our end. We have ample 800 ports, and as much as we hear about the stain of telecom services, our clients are not experiencing it.

People are quickly figuring out that a cell-phone at home is a marginal experience. A VoIP phone or software client is clear and evident.

We issued more softphone and mobile clients in two weeks than we did in 2019, which was a good year.

During a pandemic, like COVID-19, things can quickly go from bad to worse. Network attackscyber-fraudransomware are at their highest right now. These groups, similar to some operators in financial markets, are creating prosperity and opportunity. It is our job right now, more than ever, to ensure that we continue to secure our client’s data, networks, and staff. 

Frontier Networks does not work with your company today. We have not yet met, and we have never quoted your requirements. Why not have a look at what we can provide? We never fail to impress. Our network and people are refreshing and different. Our entire approach is modern, friendly, and approachable compared to the old mindsets that the market’s legacy providers have. Large carriers are terrified of Secure SD-WAN and are clinging to their old-school MPLS offerings. Cost savings are a welcomed discussion these days. Our savings are real, and they don’t come at the expense of service integrity or speed.

Frontier can show you how we propose a fully funded roll-out to replace aging equipment in your field locations – for the same or less than what you spend today on just your data circuits.

It starts with coffee!

My contact information is below. My team and I are highly available and welcome your calls. I am also part of the escalation team. Just like you, we are always on.

Luigi Calabrese

It’s Time.
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