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Law Enforcement

Instructions for Law Enforcement

Frontier Networks Inc. (“FRONTIER“) is a provider of Internet access, voice telephony, and related telecommunication services.

We retain subscriber information as outlined in our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. As innovators in the protection of online consumer rights, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers.

This page is here to outline Law Enforcement and Related Agencies (In both Canada and the United States) FRONTIER’s retention and disclosure practices. These policies are subject to change without notice.

FRONTIER will produce information where that disclosure is:

(a) according to a lawful authority;
(b) in the context of a law enforcement investigation; and
(c) restricted to basic subscriber information.

We will only make such disclosures in response to a Canadian or American Production Order(s), or in instances in which the conditions for such an order or warrant were present but circumstances prevented one from being obtained.

The information that we will disclose includes the following:

  • Subscriber Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • City

IP Address Retention Period

FRONTIER stores information that can be used to identify the end-user who was assigned a given IP address at a given time. We generally commit to keeping this information for 30 days. When mandated to produce records, we furnish unaltered, unprocessed data. In certain instances, data may be compromised, rendering it inaccessible. Such occurrences typically stem from data corruption, network or storage complications, and affect multiple unrelated users within the affected cluster, device, or storage array. Our primary objective in maintaining and retaining historical data is to comply with law enforcement and production demands. Consequently, while we constantly strive to enhance anything that interacts with our customers, please note that we do not guarantee (in any way) or assume any responsibility for the collection or data integrity of call logs.


we cannot guarantee data integrity beyond a thr30 day timeframe, nor do we provide a dedicated service for producing this data.


After receiving a Production Order, Preservation Demand, or other court order, we look up information as soon as reasonably possible. When we receive a Preservation Request, we preserve the requested information, including in particular the information correlating an IP address with a user’s account.

If you need to contact us:

By Email for Preservation Demands and Production Orders.

By Phone for emergency requests only: 416-847-8240 Option 2.

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