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Frontier Networks is an Authorized Starlink Reseller

We deliver Business Grade Internet. MPLS Connections. Broadband. Hosted Phone Systems. Microsoft Teams Voice Services. SIP Voice Channels for your Old PBX. Solutions for Secure SD-WAN. In-Store Music. Physical Security. Network Security. Solutions for Franchise Locations. Starlink. DDoS Protection. Colocation Services. Business Broadband. Diversity Planning. Disaster Recovery. Music for Business. Roll Out Services. Temporary Internet for POP Up Retail & Venues.

Starlink is the world’s first and largest satellite constellation using a low Earth orbit to deliver high-speed, low-latency internet to users all over the world. Starlink is engineered and operated by SpaceX. As the world’s leading provider of launch services, SpaceX is leveraging its deep experience with both spacecraft and on-orbit operations to deploy the world’s most advanced broadband internet system.

The Ultimate Solution for Reliable Business Internet

Connectivity for Remote Operations

Explore unparalleled connectivity with Starlink business internet for seamless operations across industries.

Remote Operations

Stay Connected in Remote Areas

Starlink offers constant, reliable internet access for businesses in remote regions, ensuring productivity and continuity.

5G/LTE Applications

Enhance Wireless Solutions with Starlink

Strengthen existing wireless networks, like 5G and LTE, by integrating Starlink to create a more resilient system.

Maritime Ventures

Internet Connectivity at Sea

Maintain stable internet connectivity on the move or at sea with Starlink, a game-changer for maritime businesses.

Emergency & Field Services

Critical Connectivity in Challenging Situations

Support emergency teams and field services with quick, consistent internet access even in unpredictable environments.

Events and Broadcasting

Confidently Host Events Anywhere 

Provide smooth, uninterrupted internet access for conferences and broadcasts where traditional connections fall short.

Event & POP Up Locations

Failover Internet & Additional Applications

Protect Your Network with Failover Connections

Diversify your network using dedicated failover, 5G/LTE wireless redundancy, and Starlink’s adaptable service locations.

Disaster Recovery

Mining Site Connectivity

Robust Networks for Remote Operations

Ensure continuous, reliable internet access for remote mining sites to support operational efficiency and safety.

Agricultural Solutions

Connectivity for Smart Farming

Support your farm with fast, reliable internet to enhance productivity and efficiency through advanced technology.

Industrial Plant Connectivity

Reliable Network for Manufacturing

Empower your manufacturing operations with robust internet connectivity to ensure smooth and efficient production processes.

Business Grade Connections

Tailored Connectivity for Your Industry

  • Construction: Coordinate in real-time across job sites.
  • Retail & Hospitality: Integrate POS systems and offer customer WiFi.
  • Agriculture: Monitor IoT devices to make informed decisions.
  • Education: Connect students and classrooms effortlessly.
  • Energy & Utilities: Streamline operations at remote sites.
  • Financial Services: Ensure secure data management.

24/7 Prioritized Service

  • Priority Data customers receive faster speeds and 24/7 support.

Public IP Address

  • Starlink provides dynamic IPv4 with default IPv6 support.

Field Installation and Support

  • Frontier Networks delivers a seamless installation experience, providing all essential equipment, expert technicians, and comprehensive support to ensure a smooth and straightforward setup.

In the Press

For Immediate Release

Frontier Networks Becomes Authorized Starlink Reseller in Canada and the USA

Toronto, June 19, 2024Frontier Networks Inc., a leader in providing seamless Broadband and Secure Network Connectivity Solutions, proudly announces its new status as an Authorized Starlink Reseller. This strategic agreement enables Frontier Networks to offer Starlink‘s cutting-edge satellite internet services to customers across Canada and the USA.

Frontier Networks, an established and stable provider, serves thousands of business customers in diverse sectors, including Retail, Franchise Operations, Finance, Industrial, and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Frontier Networks is renowned for building robust network connectivity solutions and ensuring 100% uptime with seamless billing and support.

“Our entire customer experience is our most essential showcase item.  We attract clients motivated by the personal care we put into every relationship.  Having Starlink as an option for clients will only strengthen those ties.” says Luigi Calabrese, President of Frontier Networks.

Frontier Networks‘ integrated Field Operations deliver unprecedented end-to-end service, from installation and setup to design and ongoing support, even in the most challenging locations. This comprehensive approach ensures that Frontier Networks maintains complete control over the quality and reliability of its services, setting a high standard in the industry.

Unlike competitors who claim to offer Starlink services without the necessary authorizations or direct relationships with Starlink, Frontier Networks stands out with its legitimate and direct authorization, which ensures customers receive the best possible service and support legally and efficiently.

Frontier Networks can accommodate local, regional, or national IT rollout requirements with support depots across Canada and the United States. This extensive network of support depots enables Frontier Networks to deliver exceptional field services, ensuring that customers’ Broadband needs are met promptly and effectively.

The addition of Starlink to Frontier Networks‘ service portfolio further enhances its ability to provide reliable, high-speed internet connectivity, especially in remote and underserved areas. This transaction underscores Frontier Networks‘ commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, positioning it as a preferred provider for businesses seeking robust and reliable network solutions.

About Frontier Networks Inc.

Frontier Networks Inc. is a leading provider of comprehensive broadband solutions and network connectivity services. Focusing on delivering 100% uptime and exceptional customer experiences, Frontier Networks serves thousands of business customers across various industries. The company is dedicated to providing end-to-end services, ensuring the highest quality and reliability of its offerings.

Frontier Networks’ top value-added services include:

  • 24/7 live and during / after-hours on-site customer support and installation
  • Bonded solutions
  • SD-WAN
  • Performance monitoring
  • Custom billing
  • Complex installation services
  • Equipment and leasing services
  • Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS, with predetermined, speedy, prioritized & ultra-low latency network paths).
  • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA, a private, one-to-one connection between your business and the Internet).
  • Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN, a virtualized WAN architecture that greatly simplifies and centralizes the management of any network).
  • LTE integration / IoT / Cellular Failover
  • Voice telephony
  • Network monitoring solutions
  • CCTV solutions
  • National field support depots

The top industries served by Frontier Networks are:

  • National retail
  • Franchise and quick service restaurant/retail
  • Convenience stores
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction

About SpaceX Starlink

Starlink delivers high-speed, low-latency internet to users all over the world. As the world’s first and largest satellite constellation using a low Earth orbit, Starlink delivers broadband internet capable of supporting streaming, online gaming, video calls and more. Starlink is engineered and operated by SpaceX. As the world’s leading provider of launch services, SpaceX is leveraging its deep experience with both spacecraft and on-orbit operations to deploy the world’s most advanced broadband internet system.

For more information, please visit Frontier Networks or contact us at 1.866.833.2323.

Media Contact:

Frontier Networks Inc.

530 Kipling Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario,
M8Z 5E3
5775 Commerce Blvd,
Alpharetta, GA,
Phone: 1.866.833.2323
Email: [email protected]
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