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Frontier Networks believes in giving back to our local and national communities and strongly supports many charitable foundations, events and activities.

The following guidelines will help you submit a request for advertising support, donations or sponsorship of your activity. Please read the guidelines carefully to determine whether your submission meets our criteria.

We have a charitable giveback program that works two ways.

Customer Referral to your Charity or Cause

A direct customer who would sponsor the charity (and we donate a % of their spend with Frontier to the charity of their choice.

Our client base defines our Charitable and Giving targets. Simply put, what causes we support and where we donate to are aligned with our client who would have recommended your Charity or Cause.

We have a formula that we follow which we tie to a percentage of the revenue received from our client.

Direct Client work with a Charity or Cause

A direct charity that utilizes Frontier services whereby we provide a matching or up to 2x contribution (for one year) of a matched spend. For example, a charity that spends $ 10,000 annually in services over a term (whatever the contract term is) would be eligible for a 1x or 2x credit or payment back to the same charity.

We are often contacted for contributions and have found this way to be the most effective way to give back at a meaningful scale.
Please note that we receive many applications each year and regret that we cannot fill all requests.

Please note that we receive many applications each year and regret that we cannot fill all requests.

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