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Client Order Coordinator

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Frontier Networks is in the business of building broadband infrastructure and voice services. We have, by far, the largest network with the most significant overall reach.

Frontier Networks is a ‘game-changer’ in our industry – where others provide mediocre coverage, weak execution, and ineffective support; Frontier excels with our 100 percent coverage connectivity solution that rivals everyone. Not to mention, our commitment to having customers experience our company’s culture.

We are passionate about what we do, we take quality and customer support seriously, and our culture places us as one of the most incredible places to work.


Client Order Coordinator & Quote Analyst

Job Description

Frontier Networks has created a new role of Client Order Coordinator, and we’re excited to fill it!

It’s a super role, a perfect mix of a bit of Sales (cha-ching), a bit of research lookup on service checks for Bandwidth quotes (new customers, upgrades) with a ton of Customer Care, positivity and great vibes always!

We want a candidate with the right personality to be a resource with Customer discussions (follow up, follow up, follow up) for all types of projects (simple to less so). You would work closely with our dedicated Sales, Project and Technical Account Managers.

You should have excellent time management and communication skills to succeed in this role. But, of course, you’d be unstoppable if you also had killer Microsoft Excel (even better if you know BI and related query tools)!

Your previous experience in sales or Project Management or Account Coordination (even Billing) would allow you to provide a high level of customer service and professionalism in this role while creating long-lasting client relationships.

Consider the role if:

  • You are organized. It would be helpful if you love (love, love) working off a task list (especially when people on the same team sometimes don’t! (not calling out anyone in particular. Maybe).
  • You have a positive attitude. We really, really need you to have one.
  • Communication skills matter! An outgoing personality is vital. We can train everything else but this!
  • You’re annoyed when people are not “prompt.” (It also bugs us when phone calls or emails are delayed).
  • You love to follow up!
  • You want to be ‘front line’ to a base of our customers during the turn-up period, especially if they are looking for extra hand-holding!
  • You enjoy working on winning (and sometimes losing) proposals, including quoting and confirmation of pricing via various tools and techniques.
  • You want to work in a hybrid Selling environment that helps a team achieve sales targets – that will reward you.
  • You have a knack for identifying up-sell opportunities for complementary products and offerings in our customer base.

Now that we got all that serious stuff out of the way, we are a fun, politic-free workplace where positivity matters and hard work is acknowledged. We celebrate WINS and learn from Mistakes.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • You ideally have completed a College or University program at an accredited school in Canada.
  • You have 3 – 5 years of experience with an employer in Canada.
  • You are a current resident in the Toronto / GTA who can commute to our 530 Kipling office.
  • You have some experience with a telecom company or a role that manages telecom or IT-related services.
  • You have some experience as a project manager, sales coordinator or sales rep where you dealt directly with a Business to Business customer.
  • A reasonably good grip on telecom, data circuits, order portals, vendor management
  • An aptitude for telecom

Some obvious skills:

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to prioritize and re-prioritize
  • Ability to accept a task and run with it until complete
  • Ability to work with management – who ultimately will assign tasks to you and will track our effectiveness
  • Have that confident internal ‘drive’ to figure out a problem on your own before asking for help – but remaining time organized enough to work within a 1-hour window to figure it out until asking for help.

A tip for all applicants:

Take a moment to personalize your response. We look at every applicant that applies, and personalization helps you stand out!

Apply now. You just missed our Year End Party. It was nuts, so don’t miss the next one!


This role is OK for Teleworking, but you will have much more fun in the office. You will also need to be here for a while to train up! Our work-from-home policy works for those who meet and exceed role-defined KPIs.