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Installation Dates & Timelines

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Installation Dates

It is important that we outline critical dates and expectations around the signing of your SERVICES AGREEMENT by you the CUSTOMER.

First, the pricing provided by us to you is valid for 30 days from the date of your proposal. At the point of receipt of our signed SERVICES AGREEMENT FRONTIER will place the circuit orders for the related services required at the location specified on your SERVICES AGREEMENT.

The date that your contract is received is the first day of our installation counter.

There are a few considerations to take into account that are important to consider when signing our SERVICES AGREEMENT.

Port and Facility Check

The services outlined on the SERVICES AGREEMENT are subject to port availability and facility check requirements. If this becomes an issue it may result in the order being delayed or cancelled by FRONTIER due to our inability to deliver this service. We would only know this at the time that the ‘firm’ order is placed.

Required Wiring into the Customer Premise

Wiring at customer premise beyond the proposed demarcation point (DEMARC)  is the responsibility of the customer

Required Conduit into the Customer Premise

Any conduit required at customer location beyond DEMARC is ultimately the responsibility of the customer

Construction Delays and Additional Build Costs

Any required construction delays will be communicated to you by your project manager. If there are any additional build costs that are assessed these will be communicated to you which will require your consent to accept in one of two ways

(1) Proposed as a one time construction charge presented as a change order or;

(2) Proposed as an amended monthly payment of this construction charge. At this time and only at this time would be you permitted to cancel the contracted site without penalty for the one impacted site at the SERVICES AGREEMENT.

Cancellation of the impacted site does not mean that you can cancel the entire SERVICES AGREEMENT for other locations especially for those that are:

  1. a) already live or
    b) already in construction.

Once the construction delay has been proposed the installation counter will be reset as it will be at this point that the firm order is re-submitted to our provider.

Any change to the SERVICES AGREEMENT or revision in any way may cause the installation counter to reset.

Installation Time Frames

The following are projected and estimated time-frames for each service offering outlined in our SERVICES AGREEMENT.

Service: ADSL / VDSL / TPIA
Installation time frame: Budget 15 to 20 business days

Service: High Speed Cable
Installation time frame: Budget  20 to 30 business days

Service: EOC
Installation time frame: 20 to 30 business days

Service: Wireless
Installation time frame: 30 to 60 business days

Service: T1
Installation time frame: 30 to 60 business days

Service: Point to Point
Installation time frame: 30 to 60 business days

Service: Fibre e10 – e1000
Installation time frame: 30 to 60 business days

Service: Phone Lines
Installation time frame: 15 to 20 business days

Service: Legacy Voice PRI
Installation time frame: 30 to 60 business days

Service: VOIP/SIP Trunking
Installation time frame: 10 to 20 business days

Embargo Period

There are two embargo periods that may impact the dates above. Embargo Periods over the Christmas and New Years’ breaks as well as Revenue Canada Tax Deadline Telecom Embargo. These embargo periods typically impact the network implementation period for these installations. During these embargo periods our respective providers suspend network changes to ensure the highest level of stability to their own networks. Any activations during these periods may be delayed by the following:

Christmas Embargo
Duration: December 15 t0 January 15
Impact: Network Implementations during this period may be delayed until the end of the Embargo period

Tax Season Embargo
April 24 to May 2
Impact: Network Implementations during this period may be delayed until the end of the Embargo period

These dates are dependent on a site facility check for each location noted in the SERVICES AGREEMENT.

Termination of this agreement ‘after’ the circuit is ordered by FRONTIER.

If the CUSTOMER terminates this agreement prior to installation of services for what ever reason, CUSTOMER will remain  responsible for any costs that are assessed to FRONTIER which can include costs outside of FRONTIER’s control. These charges can include design, engineering and interim construction charges. CUSTOMER agrees that construction and installation delays are outside of FRONTIER’s control and dates and time-lines provided prior to and at the time of signature or estimates only. These charges  may also include equipment or services provided by FRONTIER for the provided service.

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