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Customer Care and Inside Sales Support Lead

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Leading Business Connectivity.


Private MPLS, SD-WAN and Internet Connections for business customers


Voice Lines or Cloud PBX Voice Services to replace your old phone system

Physical and Network

Monitor, alert and protect your facility and network


Full or Partial Cabinets in a highly connected, private and Secure Data Centre


Frontier Networks is in the business of building broadband infrastructure and voice services. We have, by far, the largest network with the most significant overall reach.

Frontier Networks is a ‘game-changer’ in our industry – where others provide mediocre coverage, weak execution, and ineffective support; Frontier excels with our 100 percent coverage connectivity solution that rivals everyone. Not to mention, our commitment to having customers experience our company’s culture.

We are passionate about what we do, we take quality and customer support seriously, and our culture places us as one of the most incredible places to work.


The role 

We are looking for a seasoned and friendly person to join our Sales and Support team that will work with our existing customer base.  

Frontier sells services that our customers rely on for their day-to-day business operations. So we’re here to answer questions that they may have, and you would be a point of escalation over and above the everyday daily support experience.

Typical tasks would include:

  • New site validations
  • Speed increase discussions
  • Site relocations
  • Equipment refresh discussions
  • New service additions (Voice, In-store music, security, data centre, etc.).
  • Coordination of customer calls with critical resources within Frontier Networks.

About you

We are looking for a highly organized individual who likes to work off a task list and is committed to efficiently completing said tasks.

A positive attitude is often overlooked as an asset during the hiring process, not at Frontier. We need you to have one. Maintaining a great corporate culture is super important at Frontier.

Modernization and digital improvement are daily discussions at Frontier. 

You ideally possess above-average tech skills when it comes to using productivity software.

What to expect? 

You will spend your day working with our client base and ensuring they receive answers to all questions assigned to our sales and operations team. In addition, you may be part of the bid team for small and large opportunities and proposals for multi-site opportunities. 

We have all the systems, software and tools to make your job easy. In addition, we have a dedicated team working with you to ensure that any help you need will be available.

You will be responsible for establishing a solid relationship with key individuals in our customer base and maintaining a strong relationship with Frontier staff.  

We sell directly to end-user customers and through a channel or agents and resellers. You will be working with both.

Customer support is important to us. We take every customer, large and small, seriously. We have a sophisticated ticketing system and a Network Operations Centre (NOC) that operates 24 hours a day – 365 days a year. From time to time, you will be a resource to our NOC and have specific non-urgent, non-support tasks assigned to you.

We are passionate about what we do, we take quality and customer support seriously, and our culture places us as one of the more fun and exciting places to work.

Your effective communication and interpersonal skills will help you succeed. We also need you to be fun!


  • Build a strong pipeline of prospective clients
  • Manage and track client outreach
  • Strategize innovative ways to reach new clients
  • Communicate strategy to relevant team-members


  • College or University or equivalent experience
  • 3+ years of relevant experience
  • Organized and able to multi-task
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

Who uses us?

We have clients across Canada and the United States that consist of Small, medium, and Large Business & Public Sector customers who want to connect locations or deliver ultra-fast internet to their offices. We provide a more intimate experience than working with traditional phone and cable companies. Our typical customer would be a multi-site enterprise client or a retail operator with a dozen to hundreds of locations.

One more thing 

Our technology is different. Our network works better. Our access products are easy to quote and, more important, easy for our customers to buy.

Now is a great time to build a new plan for 2023. With us, you can begin to enjoy Mondays!

Now that we got all that serious stuff out of the way, we are a fun workplace. We have a good work environment, allowing for continued growth in our organization for those who want to earn it.


This role is OK for Teleworking.