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Colocation Service Level Objectives

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Colocation Service Level Objectives

FRONTIER grants to Customer the right to occupy our colocation space (“COLO”) identified in your Services Agreement during the term identified in the Services Agreement, solely for the Permitted Uses (as defined below).

  1. Use of Customer Space.

Customer shall use the Customer Space solely for the purpose of

(i) installing Customer’s equipment in the Customer Space,
(ii) maintaining the equipment,
(iii) operating the equipment and
(iv) removing the equipment

Customer shall maintain the COLO in clean, orderly and safe condition. Customer will ensure that its officers, employees, technicians, agents, representatives, contractors and visitors who are involved in the installation, operation or access to the COLO abide by the rules noted below as our Permitted Uses.

  1. Maintenance.

FRONTIER shall perform janitorial services, environmental systems maintenance, power plant maintenance, fire system maintenance and other actions as are reasonably required to maintain the Customer Space in a condition that is suitable for the placement of communications and networking equipment.

  1. Cabinets

FRONTIER will provide equipment cabinets, power as specified in the Services Agreement

  1. Power

FRONTIER shall exclusively provide any AC power circuits for the Customer Space in accordance with the Services Agreement. It shall be Customer’s responsibility to manage the power draw on each circuit and each fuse, and FRONTIER shall not be liable for any outage or damage to Customer’s equipment or applications should Customer exceed the circuit or fuse rating; provided, however, that FRONTIER shall have the right, on an ongoing basis, to monitor Customer’s power draw. Customer acknowledges and agrees that Customer’s use of any power circuit is limited to eighty percent (80%) of the fuse rating

Customer-provided power strips used for remote control or other additional functionality must be approved for use in advance by FRONTIER.

  1. Access and Security.

FRONTIER will provide physical access by Customer to FRONTIER’s facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. FRONTIER retains the right to access the Customer Space provided by FRONTIER at any time and for any reason, including, without limitation, to perform maintenance and repairs, to inspect equipment, to measure power draw and to perform the contracted Service(s).

  1. Technical-Support Services / “Smart Hands”

Upon Customer request, FRONTIER technicians are available to perform various “Smart Hand” technical tasks on Customer’s equipment. Typical activities provided by the Remote Hands services include, without limitation, rebooting or power-cycling Customer equipment, testing or swapping defective cables, visual reporting on status indicators, reseating or replacement of modular equipment and modem connections for remote access. Rates for this service our outlined in your Services Agreement.

Although FRONTIER technicians are skilled in troubleshooting and repairing a variety of equipment, prior knowledge of, or training on, a particular system utilized by Customer cannot be guaranteed. FRONTIER shall not be liable for any losses or damages due to any failure of the equipment or for any loss of data or damages resulting from Remote Hands service.

  1. Colocation Service-Level Objective (SLO).

FRONTIER shall maintain 100% Service availability for redundant power Services and 99.99% Service availability for non-redundant power Services.

For any billing month in which FRONTIER fails to meet the foregoing SLO with respect to power, Customer will, subject to the “Excluded Outages” (as defined below), receive, as its sole and exclusive remedy and FRONTIER’s sole obligation for such failure, credit to its account based on the actual duration of the interruption of such Service. FRONTIER’s maintenance logs and trouble-ticketing systems will be used for calculating any SLO credits. The amount of credit is stated below as a percentage of the monthly recurring charges due to FRONTIER for such affected Service for the applicable calendar month.

Services   Availability
(measured over calendar month) 
Power Credit
Uptime   of 100% None
Uptime   of 99.999% – 99.990% 10%
Uptime   of 99.99% – 99.90% 25%
Uptime   of 99.89% – 95.00% 50%
Uptime   of less than 95.0% 100%

To request a credit, Customer must deliver a written request to FRONTIER within thirty (30) days of the end of the month for which a credit is requested.

If at any time Customer is in default under the Agreement, Customer will not be entitled to any credit.

  1. Changes.

FRONTIER reserves the right to relocate, change or otherwise substitute replacement space for the Customer Space, at any time during the term hereof, provided that the replacement space is substantially similar in size and configuration to the original Customer Space. Any related direct out-of-pocket costs shall be at FRONTIER’s sole expense

  1. Termination of Use.

FRONTIER shall have the right to terminate Customer’s use of the Customer Space or the Service(s) delivered therein in the event that:

(a) FRONTIER’s rights to use the facility in which the Customer Space is located terminates or expires for any reason;
(b) Customer is in default hereunder;
(c) Customer makes any material alterations to the Customer Space without first obtaining the prior written consent of FRONTIER

FRONTIER shall provide Customer with notice and a thirty (30) day opportunity to cure before terminating Customer’s right to the Customer Space.

  1. Release of Landlord.

If and to the extent that FRONTIER’s underlying lease so requires (but only if it so requires),

Customer hereby agrees to release FRONTIER’s landlord (and its agents, subcontractors and employees) from all liability relating to Customer’s access to, and use and occupancy of, the Customer Space and the facility in which it is located.

  1. Mitigation of Damages due to customer breach

FRONTIER reserves to right to seize and liquidate any assets or equipment left at the colocation after the customer has either abandoned with monies due, or has been locked out of the facility for the same reason. FRONTIER is under no obligation to provide notice to customer prior to liquidating any equipment or assets.

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